is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline document handling and PDF generation. It offers different tools for working with documents, such as document interaction, information extraction, content summarization, and personalized assistance. The tools are easy to use and accessible through a user-friendly interface.

Key Features

  • Chat with PDFs: Interact with PDF documents via a chat interface to ask questions, extract details, and summarize content.
  • Chat with Web URL: Engage with web content by entering a URL for quick assistance and information retrieval.
  • Advanced Image Processing: Utilize AI to extract information from images, charts, and diagrams.
  • Document Conversion to PDFs: Convert HTML or DOC files to PDFs through an API, with support for hosted templates.
  • Document Editor: An intuitive editor that provides an experience akin to Microsoft Word for creating or modifying documents.
  • AI Content Generation: Access unlimited use of an AI writer tool for grammar correction, sentence rephrasing, and content length adjustment.
  • Capture Website Screenshots: Use the goPDF's API to capture PNG and MP4 screenshots across different screen sizes and devices.  Automate the capture of webpage screenshots, including scrolling pages, for a comprehensive view.
  • Full API Access: Integrate goPDF's features into your applications with ease using the provided wide range of API documentations.
  • Custom Libraries Support: Incorporate frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind, jQuery, and Google Maps into documents.
  • Email PDFs: Automatically send generated PDFs directly to customer email addresses, with your own text or HTML templates.
  • Multiple PDF Engines: Choose from browser engines for JavaScript/CSS rendering or traditional document engines for print media.
  • Template Library: Access to a wide variety of over 100 HTML and DOCX templates.
  • Independent Operation: Self-financed services are built and managed in-house with a focus on innovation and commitment.

What makes stand out from its competitors?

  • Provides scalable solutions without the need for complex system integration.
  • Emphasizes privacy by securely processing and deleting personal data after use.
  • Offers full GDPR compliance for peace of mind regarding data protection.
  • Allows easy content customization and dynamic content generation.
  • Saves time by eliminating the need for complex boilerplate code.
  • Supports multiple programming languages for versatile integration options.