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OCR Image - Image to Text

OCR PDF to Text tool that simplifies text recognition from PDFs, making them editable. Using API you can upload PDF file, convert them into readable text, and manage their documents efficiently using the GoPDF platform.

Endpoint (Upload PDF)

file (attachment) attachment.jpeg (file type supported jpg/jpeg and png)

Example Output:

    "status": "success",
    "fileId": "006c860dcc-1711702672488",
    "fileType": ".jpeg",
    "output": "https://api.gopdf.pro/dump/img/006c860dcc-1711702672488.jpeg"

Endpoint (Process OCR)

imageId (string) fileId response from upload API response above. ex- 6c5644f198-1711701573042
type (string) text or file (If you select text, the output will be provided as a text string; if a file is selected, you will receive a URL to download the .txt file.)
fileType (string)
fileType from upload API response above. ex- .jpeg

Example Output (type = text):

    "status": "success",
    "output": "Your subscription settings determine\nthe subscription’s next state. If the invoice is still unpaid after all Smart Retries\nhave been attempted, you can configure the subscription to move to canceled,\nunpaid, or leave it as past_due. To move the subscription to active, pay the\nmost recent invoice before its due date.\n\ncanceled The subscription has been canceled. During cancellation, automatic collection for\nall unpaid invoices is disabled (auto_advance=false). This is a terminal state\nthat can't be updated.\n\nunpaid The latest invoice hasn't been paid but the subscription remains in place. The\n\n\n"

Example Output (type = file):

    "status": "success",
    "output": "https://api.gopdf.pro/dump/d/text/729fb7ef1c-1711702244568.txt"
  • The file will automatically be deleted in 30 minutes following the upload as well as any response file.
  • Once the process is completed, the file will be removed.

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