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Ask Question with Image Reference


Path Parameters

base (string): chatpdf / chaturl
apiKey (string): The API key for authentication.

Request Body

image (text)

The image base64 (max size 1mb).

question (text)

Your context related question.
    "image": "...",
    "question": "Explain this image"


Upon successful execution, the API returns a JSON object with the following fields:

    "status": "success",
    "message": "This is a black and white illustration depicting a scene of two characters typically from a children's book or a fairy tale. The drawing is done in a classical style, reminiscent of engravings or woodcut illustrations commonly used in the 19th century or earlier. \n\nIn the image, a girl stands on one side of a table set for tea, while a hare (dressed in clothes, suggesting anthropomorphism) sits on the other side. Between them, a dormouse sits atop a teapot, adding a whimsical touch to the scene. This image suggests a narrative context, likely full of fantasy and playful elements. The setting appears to be outdoors, under a tree or in a forest, as indicated by the organic shapes that form a sort of canopy above the characters, and the natural light that seems to come from above.\n\nThe setting and characters resemble those from Lewis Carroll's \"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland\", specifically the famous Mad Hatter's tea party scene, although this cannot be confirmed without context. It is a scene often illustrated in adaptations of the story. The drawing style and the way in which the characters are depicted could be providing hints to the behavior and personality of the characters within the story."

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