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Create a URL Chat Assistant


This API endpoint allows you to upload a file to generate a PDF document related to a chat conversation. The HTTP POST request should be made to the specified URL with a form-data request body type containing the file to be uploaded.

Request Body

  • url (string): The web address to be scrapped.


Upon a successful execution of the request, the API returns a JSON response with the following fields:

  • status (string): The status of the PDF generation process.
  • assistantId (string): The ID of the assistant associated with the chat conversation.
  • type (string): The type of the PDF document.
  • questions (string): Top five recommended questions Based on the Context.


    "status": "success",
    "assistantId": "f7ad039e760a-1707021776281",
    "type": "pdf",
    "questions": "1. What does Robinson plan to do with the food and guns on the boat in Chapter 3?\n2. Why does Robinson's mother think that his place is at home in England, according to Chapter 1?\n3. What does Robinson use to make furniture for his cave in Chapter 11?\n4. Why does Robinson decide to write a book about his life on the island in Chapter 11?\n5. Why is the boy scared when he sees a ship in Chapter 5?"

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