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General information

  • Interact with Documents: Provides a chat interface to ask questions and extract information from PDFs.
  • Chat with PDF: Upload and interact with PDFs for details, summaries, and information.
  • Explore Use Cases: Offers examples of how the features can be used.
  • Chat with Web URL: Interact with web content by entering a URL.
  • Advanced Image Processing: AI tool for information extraction from images, charts, and diagrams.
  • Convert Documents to PDFs: Generate PDFs from HTML or templates using an API.
  • Document Editor: Simplifies creating Word documents, similar to Microsoft Word.
  • AI Content Generation: Included in all plans for grammar correction and sentence rephrasing.
  • Templates: Access to over 100 document templates.
  • Capture Screenshot Programmatically: API for taking website screenshots on various devices and screen sizes.
  • Create Video Screenshots: Capture entire webpages with automatic scrolling through API.
  • Features Summary:
    • Supports website CSS and print media.
    • Multiple PDF engines for rendering.
    • Full Control APIs with extensive documentation.
    • Responsive layout for document conversion.
    • Custom libraries support.
    • Send PDFs to email automatically.
    • Independent operation of services.
    • Full API access in various programming languages.
    • No burden of boilerplate codes.
  • Postman Collections: Available for API integration testing.

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