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Get PDF using document id

This feature allows you to easily store your HTML code as a hosted document. It simplifies the document generation process by managing extensive HTML code blocks for you.

You can simply find your documentId next to HTML code block, as below:

or, you can get documentId for hosted Docx as the similar way.


This API endpoint makes an HTTP POST request to create a PDF document. The request should include a payload with the following parameters:

documentId (string) The ID of the document.
apiKey (string) The API key for authentication.
engine (string) The engine type for PDF generation.
docType (string) The type of the document (document/html).
data (string)

An object containing client information, Ex- products array with name, unit, and price, total amount, and logo details with type, URL, and width

resType (string) The response type.

Template Variables:

Template variables are used to pass data dynamically. They are defined by enclosing the variable name within curly braces {variable}.

To include variable data, pass the values of the variables within the data object.


"data": {
        "client": "Sample Client",
        "products": [
                "name": "Product A",
                "unit": 1,
                "price": "20USD"
                "name": "Product B",
                "unit": 2,
                "price": "25USD"
                "name": "Product C",
                "unit": 1,
                "price": "30USD"
        "total": "100USD",
        "logo": {
            "type": "image",
            "url": "[image_url]",
            "width": "200px"

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