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Chat - Ask a Question

The modals for "Chat with PDF" and "Chat with URL" can only generate responses based on the context provided in the source.


This API endpoint allows you to send a POST request to create a chat PDF using the assistant ID and API key provided in the URL. The request should include a JSON payload in the raw request body type with the "question" field to specify the content of the chat.

Request Body

  • question (string, required): The content of the chat to be converted into a PDF.
    "question": "Summarise this book"

Path Parameters

base (string: chatpdf / chaturl
assistantId (string): The ID of the assistant.
apiKey (string): The API key for authentication.


The API responds with a status code of 200 and a JSON object containing the following fields:

    "status": "success",
    "message": "The book is about a man who is stranded on an island and his struggles to survive and make the island his home. He builds furniture, explores the island, encounters other people and learns to live off the land. He also keeps a record of his experiences in a book."

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